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Green Petfood: Greenify our future

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Under the motto "greenify our future", the German brand Green Petfood pioneers feeding the dogs and cats of this world in a healthy and sustainable way with pet food based on alternative sources of protein. And with total success: Green Petfood was the only pet food brand to receive the Green Brands Award for ecologically sustainable brands in 2019. Green Petfood convinced the strict jury with the whole life cycle of its products including sourcing, production, packaging, design and utilisation. This result shows that Green Petfood is way ahead of the competition in terms of sustainability with its innovative dog food VeggieDog, InsectDog and FarmDog, according to the company. But Green Petfood doesn't intend to rest on its laurels. It will always seek new ways to make the world greener. The next big innovation: FairCat - the first super-premium cat food with a positive environmental balance. Some manufacturers are already climate-neutral. Green Petfood also compensates for the CO2 emissions of its dog and cat food. However, it goes one essential step further. Thanks to the forest conservation of its compensation project Ntakata Mountains in Tanzania, Green Petfood compensates for 25 per cent more CO2 than the FairCat products generate. Consequently, Green Petfood makes a positive contribution to climate protection, says the company.


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