Every dog (and its diet) is unique

Tails.com, individual diet(Source: Tails.com)

From a vet’s bright idea to eight million meals delivered every month: since tails.com was established in 2013, it has all been about the dog – and food tailored to the individual. The company’s guiding principle is that “every dog (and its diet) is unique”. And now its food is, too – whether large German Shepherd or small Pomeranian, active hunting dog or cuddly pooch, exuberant puppy or laid-back senior, every dog has unique needs.

Using top-quality natural ingredients carefully chosen by veterinarians and nutrition experts, an individual recipe is created for each canine from more than a million possible combinations.

This contains the optimum mix of proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates so that the dog is always perfectly satisfied. Over the dog’s life, the mix is automatically adjusted to ensure that in every phase it gets precisely the nutrients that it needs. Health conditions such as intolerances and individual taste preferences are taken into account alongside breed, age and activity level. The result is a food that is as unique as each individual dog.

Taiils, individual diet
(Source: Tails.com)

In the individually tailored food plan, customers are also given recommendations on the optimal amount to feed so that canines can attain or maintain their ideal weight and lead a long, happy and healthy life at the side of their favourite humans. A practical monthly subscription scheme, which has over 34 000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, ensures delivery of the individual recipe together with selected moist food and treats directly to the customer’s door. They thus always have the right quantity in store and know that their beloved pet is always perfectly supplied.


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