BARF innovation: 100% BARF, 0% film

Tackenberg, BARF gourmet discs(Source: Tackenberg)

Feeding raw meat with a clear conscience? TACKENBERG makes it possible! This year, TACKENBERG proudly launches the first wholly sustainable bones and raw food product onto the market: BARF gourmet discs in three flavours, beef, chicken and lamb. These innovative discs are not only healthy for dogs of any age, but are also good for the environment. All the packaging is made from 100 per cent recyclable material and contains no plastic. The practical portions of 100g raw meat are packed in a high-quality cardboard carton and can easily be removed one at a time, thanks to the paper inserts between the discs. As a pioneer of BARF food in Germany, TACKENBERG uses only natural, unprocessed ingredients with no artificial additives for this innovative product, too, just as nature intended. You can spoil your pet, therefore, without increasing the stress on our planet. Less processing means lower energy consumption and less waste of resources..


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