Absolute Pet, Kenneth Koh
Kenneth Koh is owner and CEO of Absolute Pet.
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Absolute Pet

"Each brand tells a different story"

Holistic pet products supplier Absolute Pet has gone home to Singapore after being domiciled in the US for three years, marking a new chapter for the business.
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With its homecoming, the premium brand that started in 2017 has heightened its focus on its Asia Pacific operations. It is also gearing up to build a stronger presence in Europe.
Absolute Pet set up the US headquarters in 2016 - ahead of the brand's launch - betting on the country's access to new markets and stable economic environment. In mid-2020, the head office transferred to Singapore in light of Covid-19-linked challenges that had arisen, including logistics issues, the rising cost of freight from Asia to the US and limits on travel.
Absolute Pet operates in 26 markets. Taiwan is its top performer, thanks to an early entry and a well-entrenched importing partner. "Now that we are located in Asia and in the heart of a growing region, we are definitely placing more focus on understanding the market to ensure that we can continue meeting the needs of our customers worldwide," Kenneth Koh, brand owner and CEO of Absolute Pet, told Pet worldwide. He noted that the move has led to better communication with the teams of its biggest regional sales contributor.

First steps into the European market

Asia Pacific commands the lion's share of Absolute Pet's business at 70 per cent, followed by the Middle East at 20 per cent, and North America at 8 per cent. Europe currently represents 2 per cent of its sales, but the brand is expanding its footprint in the highly competitive market with a foray into Western Europe. Currently, Absolute Pet's European presence is limited to Cyprus and Greece.
"We focus on creating a good design for our packaging first, so we can stand out from the rest. Of course, we guarantee the quality and ingredients of our products so we can compete against the big boys that are already in the market," the CEO said, referring to the brand's strategy to gain a foothold in one of the world's leading regions for pet food production.
As for North America, he said that Absolute Pet supplies only to Canada at the moment, but added that it is looking for a distributor for the US after its previous partner in the world's biggest pet market went out of business.
Absolute Pet is under B2K Pet Products Pte Ltd, a Singaporean company that also owns the pet supplies brand Kit Cat. Its products, mostly for dogs, are exclusively formulated and sourced under OEM arrangements…
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