United Petfood , Ghent in Belgium
The parent plant is in Ghent in Belgium.
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Private label specialist

With 17 production plants in eight European countries, United Petfood is regarded as a leading manufacturer of private label pet food and snacks.
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The history of the Belgian family firm dates back to 1937, when Michel Dumoulin opened his plant for the production of compound feed. It was only in 1994, with Dominiek Dumoulin of the third generation of the family at the helm of the company, that pet food production commenced, which is now the sole focus of the company. On the way to becoming the leading manufacturer of private label pet food in Europe, 17 factories were acquired in key locations in eight European countries, most recently in Llangadog, Pencader and Long­ridge in the United Kingdom.
United Petfood specialises in the three product categories of dry food, moist food in pouches, trays and tins, and biscuits and treats. It focuses on private labels for pet stores, e-commerce companies and the mass market.

Service for customers

"Our partners can expect far more than just the usual supplier/customer relationship," emphasises United Petfood. A service package is offered that will assist customers with a successful product launch. To achieve this, United Petfood concentrates on building long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency.
The company invests continuously in expanding its production and packaging technologies and developing new products. Attention is paid to purchasing raw ingredients from local companies. "Since products can be manufactured at various sites, production and distribution in local markets provides our customers with security of supply," states United Petfood in summary.
United Petfood , Treat products
Treat products are part of the company’s core business.
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