CJ Bio
CJ Bio operates 11 factories in 6 countries.
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Green biotechnology

CJ Bio has a long history of producing savoury flavour enhancement products. Its expanding knowledge grows its business for the benefit of customers and consumers.
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Effectively using its knowledge of specialised microbial resources, CJ Bio advances proprietary fermentation technology to produce amino acids for feed and food, savoury flavourings and seasoning materials, and plant-based protein ingredients. With newly registered products such as histidine and isoleucine, CJ Bio is the only producer of eight essential feed-grade amino acids in a natural form (L-lysine HCl, L-lysine sulphate, L-lysine liquid, L-methionine, L-threonine, L-tryptophane, L-valine, L-arginine, L-isoleucine, and L-histidine). CJ Bio also produces sensory feed additives like nucleotides (IMP and GMP), MSG and L-cysteine. Furthermore, the company produces soy protein concentrate (SPC), which is highly digestible and palatable for livestock and pets.
CJ Bio provides superior products and solutions meeting customers' needs, based on first-class, eco-friendly biotechnology and a unified worldwide network. It is continuously expanding its business through next-generation biotechnologies so as to be recognised as the leader in speciality nutrition. The company wants to contribute to the country and society with the best values of "Onlyone" products and services.

Leading the market

"Our vision is to be the global no.1 bio company with Onlyone technology and solutions, leading the nutrition and health market," the company states. The global bio production platform consists of 11 factories in 6 countries in China, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, the USA and Vietnam. CJ Bio has 21 sales branches globally plus regional warehouses and reliable logistic partners such as CJ Logistics, putting it among the most reliable suppliers able to serve customers continuously, even in global broken supply chain situations like the recent pandemic. CJ Bio is Fami QS-certified.
"We appreciate your continuous interest and support for our products," the company says, announcing its intention to return this trust with even more beneficial products and services.
CJ Bio
The company provides products and solutions based on eco-­friendly biotechnology.
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