Pro Pet Koller,
Eifel Land is a high-quality moist food which, as the name already indicates, contains regional ingredients where possible and is produced in a suitably sustainable manner.
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Germany - Pro Pet Koller

New stage on the road to success

Family firm Pro Pet Koller, specialising in the production and marketing of super-premium pet food, has opened a new production plant in Hellenthal.
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Established by Werner Koller in 1993, the company in Schleiden-Gemünd has grown steadily in recent years, both in Germany and internationally. Its growth has been driven primarily by the Mac's and Tundra brands.
In 2016, management of the company passed to Koller's two sons Michael and Markus Koller. They both felt the time had come for production of a portion of the range to commence in the Eifel region. This started with the manufacture of Mac's tinned moist food for dogs and cats. Pro Pet Koller's new Eifel Land brand, which it intends to launch onto the market shortly, is also expected to come from Hellenthal. It is a high-quality moist food, containing regional ingredients where possible, as the name suggests, and produced in a suitably sustainable manner. The new product line will comprise five varieties in 400 and 800 g cans for dogs. In the next stage, Eifel Land will also be brought out for cats.
A product relaunch is being planned for the Mac's line, too, with optimised recipes and the addition of a couple of new monoprotein products. Soon the company intends to introduce special tinned food products for puppies and kittens onto the market under the Tundra brand as well.

Flexible and sustainable

Pro Pet Koller expects the new pet food production plant to offer an opportunity to react more flexibly to the demands of the market in future when planning innovations and new products. Managing director Michael Koller mentions a reduction in transport distances as another advantage of the company's own production plant for increasing the sustainability of production in the future. The manufacture of private label products is to play a subordinate role initially and this offer will only be made for the time being to good partners in speciality retailing who fit in with Pro Pet Koller's corporate strategy.
The plant has been constructed largely in line with the company's own concept. Markus Koller, the younger brother of Michael Koller, wrote his master's thesis in industrial engineering on this and set out clear ideas in it for the future production facility. The factory has started up on a single-shift basis, but if necessary can be adjusted to two- or three-shift operation.
Thanks to its growth in the last few years, the new brand and the…
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