Catipilla enables cats to get into the house.
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A climbing frame for cats

Catipilla, a British start-up company, has developed an alternative to the conventional cat flap: a climbing frame to enable cats to get into the house.
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Catipilla is a British family-owned company established in 2016. With the aid of a Kickstarter campaign launched in April, the fledgling company was able to present its first line of Catipilla products at the National Pet Show in Birmingham just seven months later. The Catipilla is a modular climbing frame that offers cats a new option for entering or leaving the house. The concept behind Catipilla is to replicate a natural environment and create safe spaces in which cats can climb freely.
To date the company consists of its two founders Andy and Joseph Sutton, whose office is based in Buckinghamshire. The idea of the father-and-son team to construct a climbing frame for cats grew out of the family's own experiences. After the family's 16-year-old cat Smudge began to have difficulty in climbing in and out of the window, the Suttons built a climbing frame so that their cat could continue to be active. The development and trialling of various Catipilla prototypes ensued."We officially launched our first product line at the National Pet Show in November," explains Joseph Sutton. It has also been possible to pre-order the range for a few months. "We have already received advance orders from Denmark, France, New Zealand and Great Britain," he continues. 
Each climbing frame is wall-mounted and manufactured using modern materials such as anodised aluminium, expanded polypropylene (EPP) and galvanised steel. The frame is modular and can be installed inside or outside the home. It comes with treads designed with a non-slip surface, contributing to the cat's safety. "All our products are designed and manufactured in Great Britain," adds Sutton. 

Further modules planned

Three versions of the Catipilla are available at the moment. Catipilla Pro is a two-metre-high wall climber with four climbing platforms, while Catipilla Mini is smaller and features a one-metre-high wall climber with two climbing platforms. A High Plate & Hammock is also available. This is an interchangeable 2-in-1 unit, which is available both as a shelf and as a hammock. "We have a series of other modules planned for the future, which we will bring onto the market in the next few months. These include a sitting plate, an umbrella plate and a scratching module," says Sutton.
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