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Tetra - Presence in over 80 countries

"The heart and mind of waterlife" is the motto under which the Tetra company intends to continue in the future to set the trends worldwide for the progress of modern fish-keeping

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It was the natural scientist Dr. Ulrich Baensch, the founder of the company, who in 1950 opened up a totally new market, enabling all those interested in fish to reproduce the fascinating underwater world for themselves. He helped millions of fish lovers all over the world to develop their fascinating hobby by inventing and developing fish food in flake form and disseminating his special knowledge about the "world in a glass bowl". Today Tetra products are available in every part of the world  for aquariums, terrariums and garden ponds.
The first step across national borders was taken early in the story of the firm's development. At the beginning it was Dr Baensch himself who marketed his products in Europe. But soon after the merger of the Tetra Works with the American Warner Lambert Company came the establishment of a branch in the United States, which also marked the start of professional trading beyond Europe from a base there belonging to the group. Following this came the subsidiary companies in the United Kingdom, France, Japan and Italy. Distributors take care of the marketing of Tetra products in more than 80 other countries.
Research and development rank high at Tetra.
Since June 2000 and the amalgamation of the Warner Lambert Group with Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical concern, Tetra sees still greater opportunities for dynamic global growth. The Tetra headquarters is today at Morris Plains in New Jersey, USA, from where the work of more than 700 employees worldwide is coordinated.
The numerous types of fish food, water conditioners, water testing and care products are still produced in the German town of Melle.
Very early on Tetra pioneered the company's route to globalisation. With advantages for all those concerned: decentralisation of tasks and responsibilities, greater autonomy for the subsidiary companies and consequently ideal opportunities in their home markets. The company stresses that this means a considerably more efficient material flow for the manufacturing side, from global procurement of raw materials, by way of production at a variety of locations and on to actual delivery of the goods. Marketing, too, profits from this process of globalisation, for strategies that have proved their worth in another market can be taken over quickly and simply for the home business. The group's worldwide market research is at the disposal of all Tetra companies. This leads to early recognition of new tendencies among aquarists and to…
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