“A constant asset to the aquatics sector”

Didier Lergenmuller passes away

Didier Lergenmuller was a lifelong supporter of fish keeping.(Source: JBL)
Didier Lergenmuller was a lifelong supporter of fish keeping.

Didier Lergenmuller has died. The veteran sales director of JBL Aquaristik passed away on 17 December at the age of 65 following a serious illness. Just eight months ago he had announced his retirement on social media. “He lived his life in the way he wanted and left us in the manner he wished,” wrote his wife Hanna Lergenmuller on Facebook.

Born in Alsace, where he lived until his death, Lergenmuller was highly respected and popular everywhere. His dynamism, infectious good humour and inexhaustible wealth of ideas meant he was a real asset not only to JBL but to the aquatics sector as a whole. Lergenmuller loved what he did and thus understood how to motivate others and inspire them to new heights. He was a tireless lifelong supporter of fish keeping as well as being honest and never afraid to speak his mind. He will be greatly missed in the pet sector to which he had devoted his life.

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