Over 50 000 euros for animal welfare

Suziria Group is 30 years old and saving lives

The “Best Friends” animal shelter in the Kyiv region was hit twice by air attacks and countless artillery shells.
The “Best Friends” animal shelter in the Kyiv region was hit twice by air attacks and countless artillery shells.

The Suziria Group of Ukraine marked its 30th anniversary on 18 January. There were no wild celebrations, however; instead, the company and one of Ukraine’s biggest non-governmental organisations together launched the charitable project, Tails Changes.

Under this initiative, the company is now commencing the rebuild of the “Best Friends” animal shelter in the Kyiv region, which has been hit twice by air attacks and by countless artillery shells since the start of the Russian invasion. Suziria has made 2 million Ukrainian hryvnia, equivalent to over 50 000 euros, available for the reconstruction. This will enable the lives of thousands of pets to be saved, says the company.

“The investment in the ‘Best Friends’ animal shelter is the start of large-scale structural changes to all pet shelters in our country, where pets without a family will not only receive the necessary care, but will also – and this is the most important thing – be adopted successfully,” explains Polina Kosharna, co-owner and board chairperson of the Suziria Group. As well as rebuilding the shelter, the company is formulating a training programme focusing on cooperating with the founders of other animal shelters and a new approach to the administrative system and upholding international standards for the work and the adoption of pets.

Last year the Suziria Group donated more than 128 tonnes of cat and dog food and around 12 400 units of pet pharmaceuticals to the value of roughly 12 million Ukrainian hryvnia (over 300 000 euros) to pet shelters, kennels, charitable and public organisations, volunteers and private individuals caring for homeless pets. The company is also actively involving foreign production partners in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic along with other countries in the provision of aid for pets. The group is currently helping around 60 000 dogs and cats in pet shelters as well as strays.

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