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Sustainability - natural perfection

Hundt Tiefkühlprodukte, Petman Barf-In-One Buffy Insect, Petman Raw Hypoallergenic Insect

Petman Barf-In-One Buffy Insect and Petman Raw Hypoallergenic Insect are two new products from Petman that exemplify sustainability. Insects are the up-and-coming global trend as a source of nutrition. They are efficient food converters and produce a quantity of protein comparable with meat or fish, but with a much lower consumption of water and energy. Calculated on the basis of human body weight, a dog requires 5.4 times as much meat as a human, which is a drain on the resources available. Petman uses the meat of buffalo larvae for these two products. Its cultivation of these larvae has a very positive ecological footprint, conserving the environment thanks to the absence of any requirement for pesticides or medicines. The transport route from the breeding station to the processing plant is also very short, thus reducing the burden on the environment. "We wish to make our contribution to sustainable living and have opted for this new direction," states the company.


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