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Pets Nature, yummeez Squeezie, Insekt, Hanf(Source: Pets Nature)

Sustainable nutrition is an important issue for humans, but pets also have a substantial CO2 pawprint. By using yummeez GREEN LIFE SQUEEZIE, you help to reduce CO2 and can reward your dog with a clear conscience. Two recipes for this unusual treat have been developed for dogs of any age, one with protein-rich insects and a vegan variety with hemp.

Whether used for training purposes, to keep dogs occupied on a lick mat or in treat toys, or simply as a token of affection, yummeez GREEN LIFE SQUEEZIE is a true all-rounder.

INSECT SQUEEZIE is a variety made from malt with insects, coconut oil and lavender, nothing else. Breeding insects is more resource-friendly than conventional meat, offering an ecologically compatible option that is rich in protein. If you prefer the vegan alternative, the HEMP SQUEEZIE of malt with hemp, coconut oil and lavender contains no animal protein. The malt in both variants serves to boost energy levels, while lavender is traditionally used for calming and relaxation. And for canines with food allergies, yummeez GREEN LIFE SQUEEZIE is a great alternative to treats containing conventional types of meat.

Of course, the treats contain no flavour enhancers or colourings because they are delicious by nature. And it goes without saying that they are GMO-free, produced in Germany from high-grade ingredients and without animal testing in the interest of sustainability. It’s worth taking a look at the packaging, because it features the company’s office pooches, who are discerning critics and big fans of yummeez GREEN LIFE SQUEEZIE products. yummeez GREEN LIFE -  consciously sustainable.

Pets Nature, yummeez Squeezie, Insekt, Hanf
(Source: Pets Nature)
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