Fleischeslust Tiernahrung

Eight sausages for a hallelujah

Fleischeslust Tiernahrung(Source: Fleischeslust)

The new meat & treat range captivates dog owners with its optimised, sustainable product recipes. A deliberate reduction in the proportion of meat and the addition of pre­biotic beet pulp achieve a cut in CO2 emissions of 24 per cent on average, thus creating a greener pawprint. The moist snack is easily digestible and contains no artificial aromas, colourings or preservatives. A transparent declaration of what the product contains builds trust and answers the growing demand among pet owners for details of the individual ingredients. As part of recipe optimisation, raw ingredients have been used that make a significant contribution to reducing long transport routes and decreasing CO2 emissions. Enhancing the recipes has led to the introduction of three new varieties to the shelves: meat & treat Turkey, meat & treat Chicken with crunchy fresh cheese and a firm beef liver sausage.


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