Petco is adding a range of premium food and treats for cats with the Wow Cat line.
Petco is adding a range of premium food and treats for cats with the Wow Cat line.


Wow for cats has arrived

Austrian pet food manufacturer Petco presents Wow Cat, a new range for felines that will be available in the first quarter of 2024.

Next year, the Wow premium dog food brand from Petco will be joined by the Wow Cat line. A range of moist and dry food for cats will be introduced in the first quarter, while treats will be added to the new line in the second quarter. The desire for Wow has been expressed by the customers themselves, says company founder Katharina Miklauz: “For quite a while, retail partners and end customers have been asking when a feline counterpart to Wow will finally come onto the market. And now it is here!”

With regard to cat food, we knowexactly what is important to catowners,
Katharina Miklauz, Founder Petco

The new Wow Cat range has the popular look and feel of Wow: bright colours, a clear message and of course top premium quality make up the world of Wow Cat. “With regard to cat food, we know exactly what is important to cat owners, and that is high quality and a high level of acceptance. We prioritised these in developing the product,” reveals Miklauz. To appeal to as many cats as possible, a variety of moist food consistencies were also taken into consideration. “Our moist food assortment includes pâté menus, sauce menus and also fillet as a complete meal, which we are especially pleased with. In addition, there is also soup with small pieces of fillet for use as a topper or for cats that don’t drink enough,” says Miklauz.

It is not just the range of consistencies that wins cats over. The variety of flavours also guarantees success when it comes to cat food, ranging from single-protein types such as pure chicken and pure beef to mixed diets such as chicken and shrimp or poultry and liver. These are sufficient to be able to find a cat’s favourite flavour or to ensure a regular change of menu.

Premium quality

All moist food varieties contain a high proportion of meat and are produced without cereal, added sugar or salt in Germany. The dry food assortment, manufactured in Austria, adheres to the same concept. It goes without saying that both the moist and dry food ranges include products suitable for kittens, adult and senior cats.

Vibrant colours and clearly recognisable feline designs are intended to make the brand stand out on the shelf and also to differentiate it from Wow Dog. To this end the Wow logo has been revamped by a feline nose and whiskers, a cat icon makes assignment easier for store staff and the bowl with cat ears appeals to cat owners with an eye for detail. And with regard to the bowl, the product consistency is instantly recognisable on all products – a decisive sales argument for cat enthusiasts in particular.

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