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Spring is upon us

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Spring is upon us

Songbirds warble their melodies in the early dawn; flowers of the most varied hues burst into bloom in gardens and parks, and deciduous trees are clothed in the soft green of new foliage. Since March, spring has been returning to the Northern Hemisphere. The growing light intensity creates a lighter mood among humans, too, even evoking a sense of euphoria for many.

In the international pet supplies sector, the feeling of spring is perceptible everywhere. In particular, a buoyant atmosphere prevails at present on account of the unexpectedly sharp increase in demand for B2B fairs. Bologna Fiere recently announced proudly that the number of exhibitors at its 20th edition of the Zoomark pet supplies trade show, which takes place in mid-May, will surpass the 1 000-mark for the first time. Pet product companies from all over the world will present their goods and services in six halls in the trendy Italian metropolis, ensuring a touch of Interzoo magic even in an odd year. Who would have imagined this to be the case a few months ago?!

Even in the UK, where the economy has been in the doldrums for some time, PATS Sandown achieved a notable success a few weeks ago. The spring fair for British pet supplies retailers saw a 2.5 per cent rise in visitor numbers. Here the fair organiser especially highlighted the quality of the trade visitors, who came from independent pet retailers, major pet chains, garden centres, groomers, kennels, veterinary practices and farm shops.  

On the other side of the Atlantic, in North America, the emergence of spring likewise brought a significant upswing for the organisers of the leading national B2B pet trade show, the Global Pet Expo. With over 16 000 trade visitors, the sector event organised jointly by APPA and PIDA linked seamlessly to pre-pandemic times.  

We can only hope that despite the war in Ukraine, high inflation rates and the continuing reluctance of consumers to spend, the pet sector will once again live up to its reputation as an industry resistant to crises. Let us also keep our fingers crossed that the B2B fairs yet to take place this year will enjoy success and ensure that the sector continues on an upward trajectory in the months ahead.

Ralf Majer-Abele

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