Tackenberg is owner-operated with a stable and innovative team.
Tackenberg is owner-operated with a stable and innovative team.


Passionate about pet food

Tackenberg was launched in Germany in 1974 as a pioneer of raw pet food. It is popular with dog and cat lovers for its competence, experience, enthusiasm and product quality.

The family-owned and -operated company is based in the Greater Hamburg region and produces a diverse range of naturally healthy, species-appropriate moist and dry pet food, raw meat products, chew articles and treats along with food supplements. “At Tackenberg, we manufacture premium-quality dog and cat food for direct sales and also as private label products for many well-known pet food suppliers in Europe,” says the company. It adds that “our own ultra-modern food production plant facilitates an entirely new range in the category of species-specific dog and cat nutrition.”

The company has been  producing raw food for dogs and cats since 1974.

Quality pet food

With Tackenberg’s products, quality is addressed right back at the stage of breeding and provenance of the livestock. Germany as a point of origin is considered a quality feature and great value is attached to regional provenance. The classic meat types of beef, lamb, horse and chicken are sourced predominantly from Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. Supplier and partner contacts extending back over many years permit species-appropriate manufacture of the products without having to resort to factory farming. Short transport routes and the creation of jobs regionally also play an important role for Tackenberg: “Quality isn’t just a feature, it is also a question of attitude.”

Doing today what will still be here tomorrow.

Focus on sustainability

The company attaches considerable importance to sustain­able development. Tackenberg’s production is based on renewable energy thanks to its own photovoltaic system. It is also switching increasingly to digital processes and alter­native packaging materials, with products already being shipped using alternative packaging made from natural materials. A change from foil packs to compostable cardboard boxes is imminent. The company’s mantra is “doing today what will still be here tomorrow.

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