Curli AG has followed up on its success last year by taking the  award for PET worldwide Product of the Year this year also.
Curli AG has followed up on its success last year by taking the  award for PET worldwide Product of the Year this year also.

Product of the Year

Curli triumphs for the second time in a row

Swiss company Curli AG has won the coveted award for PET worldwide Product of the Year for the second year in succession.

As in previous years, the international pet supplies retail and wholesale trade was called upon to vote for the PET worldwide Product of the Year. Food and accessory products that were featured in PET worldwide 1/2023 were up for selection in the poll. A large number of companies worldwide responded to the invitation and cast their vote. 

Focus on sustainability

A striking aspect of this year’s competition was the high number of innovative products competing for the award. Vegetarian and sustainably produced food was represented alongside environmentally friendly and purpose-designed accessory products. Not unexpectedly, the products featured in the poll derived exclusively from the two major pet categories of dogs and cats. On the whole, the range of products included in the contest suitably reflected the trends most in demand in the market at present.

Victory not a surprise

It was not entirely unexpected that, as in the previous year, Curli AG of Switzerland would take the award for PET worldwide Product of the Year. The curli Clasp Vest Harness made from hybrid apple leather had already attracted considerable interest when the company presented it at Interzoo, because it sets new standards in the dog accessory segment. The company had also engaged in dynamic promotion in advance of the poll in a bid to replicate last year’s success.

We have happily invested in this challenge with complete conviction.
Roland Primus, CEO Curli AG

“The new Apple Tree Leather harness is made from by-products of the apple juice industry in a second-level upcycling process and is vegan and sustainable. CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 62 per cent and non-renewable raw materials can be largely eliminated,” was the company’s way of describing its new creation. Curli is especially proud of the fact that the vegan product has the same high quality standards as conventional industrially produced textiles. CEO Roland Primus says: “We have happily invested in this challenge with complete conviction. Sustainability considerations aside, apple leather offers a number of advantages compared with animal leather. It is a high-quality, high-tech leather that surpasses animal leather in terms of durability and wearer comfort as well as being considerably lighter and softer, easier to care for and not least animal-friendly.”  

The specialist retailers who cast votes evidently also recognised the numerous advantages of the new product. This explains why the innovation received votes not only from the German-speaking region from which the company hails, but also from retailers across the globe. The response was sufficient to ensure the harness outstripped the other products up for selection this year by some margin. We are already looking forward to seeing what the Swiss manufacturer has in the pipeline for the next few years.

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