Treats drive the dog food market.
Treats drive the dog food market.
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Dog food is considered one of the most dynamic product segments in the pet sector, not least on account of the sharp increase in the number of dogs. Here we provide the statistics from six chosen countries.
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Organic products, foods based on insect protein, vegan dog food: the market for dog food is becoming ever more diverse and reacting increasingly to the sustainability mega trend, of which the public at large has a growing awareness. All of these products still have little significance for the market, but that could soon change. Sustainable dog food was hitherto primarily the playground of smaller firms, although a gradual change was already taking place before the coronavirus crisis emerged. The pandemic has prompted many dog owners to exercise more caution regarding their own health and that of their pets, and probably lent added impetus to the topic of sustainability.
A look at the data from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the  USA shows that dry food is popular above all with dog owners, with the exception of the United Kingdom and Germany. In these countries, moist food has a small advantage over dry food. In the USA and France in particular, the differences in sales of moist and dry food are striking. In a study for the US market, market research company Packaged Facts found that super-premium products generated the most sales, with natural recipes in particular demand.
The advance of raw-ingredient products is also noticeable, according to the study, along with products offering alternative protein sources. Treats occupy a special position in the overall dog nutrition market, with sales of these rising considerably in some cases. Experts in the business attribute this to the large number of people now working from home, who devote much more attention to their - often newly acquired - pets. This is confirmed by Shannon Brown, an analyst at Packaged Facts: "Pet owners who spend more time at home with their pets have more opportunities to spoil them with treats. A stronger focus on health and wellness has resulted in an increased interest in functional treats." It is only in the United Kingdom that sales of these have declined.
The figures for 2021 are awaited with interest. Those familiar with the pet product trade expect sales to increase by five to seven per cent, and even a double-digit increase in the treat segment.
Source: Euromonitor, IVH/ZZF
Source: Euromonitor, IVH/ZZF
Source: Euromonitor, IVH/ZZF
Source: Euromonitor, IVH/ZZF
Source: Euromonitor, IVH/ZZF
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