Danube Petfoods,
The ultra-modern factory close to Belgrade was only built in 2018 and uses the latest technology.
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Specialist in cold-pressed dog food

For retailers seeking an experienced supplier of dry, cold-pressed dog food, Belgrade-based family company Danube Petfoods offers a potential source of interest.
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The Danube is the second-longest river in Europe. With an overall length of 2 850 km, it was a key European trade route for centuries. It flows through ten European countries before it reaches the Black Sea. The parent company of Danube Petfoods had a good reason for taking the name of the river as the business's name: when it established the pet food manufacturer in 2017, it had already amassed over 30 years' experience in the international agricultural food business and had a strong relationship with local farmers from the Danube region, which is well known for its traditionally fertile river banks.

High quality standards

"The Danube region is home to some of Europe's rarest species and is rich in biodiversity, with thousands of years of tradition in agriculture and related cultures. We are proud to be a unique company regarding the area where our product is being carefully made," explains Dalibor Zloh, CEO of Danube Petfoods. These natural resources persuaded him to manufacture a dog food that would stand out significantly from most other products available on the market in terms of quality and the freshness of the ingredients. To do this, the company invested in a modern plant, which was built outside Belgrade in 2017 in combination with the head office, which houses the now 50-strong workforce of the company.
Danube Petfoods produces dry cold-pressed dog food under the Kudo brand. The low-temperature production process ensures that valuable essential elements are retained intact and can be optimally utilised by the dog's organs. Veterinarians worldwide agree that cold-pressed dog food has a positive influence on the canine gastrointestinal tract, guaranteeing better nourishment, digestion and absorption of the nutrients.  
The company sets the bar high in its selection of ingredients, too. Kudo dog food is made only of meat, vegetables and herbs, but without grain or the tapioca or potato often used as a binder. Long and risky transportation of ingredients from remote countries is avoided. The ingredients used in Kudo come from the surrounding region and are thus always fresh and replete with nutrients.

Plenty of export potential

Around 1 000 t of food per month is currently being produced in the company's plant. As well as supplying its home market and…
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