Versele Laga,
The bird hotel is an eye-catching concept for re­tailers to promote the growing wild bird category.
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Versele Laga

A pioneer for the needs of wild birds

In many countries, the wild bird segment has grown hugely in importance. The Belgian pet food manufacturer Versele Laga has now developed a new, appealing concept to enhance the presentation of this merchandise category at the POS.
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Versele Laga is one of the leading suppliers of food for birds living in the wild. The company has been promoting the welfare of such birds for many years. As more and more people realise that the natural environment offers little in the way of food for wild birds, there's a growing desire to help our feathered friends and ensure their long-term survival.

"Huge potential"

Versele Laga perceives great potential for the future in the wild bird category. "Everyone has wild birds. This category is one of the few in pet stores where every visitor to the store is a potential buyer," says trade marketing manager Sophie Lamon.
In order to draw the attention of pet store customers more strongly to wild birds, Versele Laga has developed a new concept that swiftly catches the eye on the sales floor. The focus is on two different product ranges: the Expert range and the Allround range. The Expert range comprises different seasonal blends that give birds exactly what they need. It features fine blends along with gourmet balls and supplements, consisting of sunflower hearts, high-end seeds and peeled and chopped peanuts. The range is geared primarily to eco-friendly consumers who think and search more consciously and are therefore more likely to be well informed. The Allround range, which covers a bird's basic needs, consists of high-rotation products that speak to everyone: handy suet balls, treats from peanuts and sunflower seeds to suet nets and combi-pack treats and mixtures in convenient packaging.

New bird hotel

To enhance the appeal of the Expert range, a new product has been included in the assortment. Menu Nature mealworms are an energy-rich treat for wild birds that constitutes an additional protein source for brooding and young birds in particular. Another concept enhancement is a four-sided display, fully filled with bestsellers from the Menu Nature range: the so-called bird hotel is intended to a generate a "wow" experience for consumers. "We have really noticed that the bird hotel is working, as sales in store of these items have increased on average by 30 per cent," states Versele Laga. The company offers retailers extensive POS material such as shelf dividers, shelf trays, wobblers and shelf takers. It is supporting the market launch with attractive consumer promotions.
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