The store in the company’s home city of Dietlikon has been fully refurbished and now features higher-quality interior fittings.
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Keeping busy during the pandemic

Qualipet has remained active during the coronavirus crisis. The leading Swiss pet store chain has completely revamped its store in Dietlikon, where the company is based, giving it an entirely new look. It has been busy doing other things, too.
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Like the rest of the pet supplies sector, Qualipet has experienced a tough couple of months. Since pet retailing is one of the few retail sectors in Switzerland to be regarded as essential, the stores operated by the Swiss market leader have been permitted to remain open throughout. However, pets, plants and in some cantons even products like scratching trees and toys had to be separated off and could not be sold, although pet food, cat litter and daily requisites continued to be on sale. Such requisites also included leashes in some cantons where dogs must be kept on a lead, along with pharmaceutical products such as flea and tick control products, items for first-time cat and dog owners and aquarium pumps, because the failure of these would cause fish to die.
Qualipet was quick to react to the coronavirus pandemic, making disinfectant gel and free face masks for staff available in its 90 stores from the outset. Within three days of the outbreak of the virus, all cash tills were fitted with plexiglass panes. The company also applied floor markings throughout all its stores to ensure the prescribed two-metre safety distance between customers could be adhered to. Where possible, separate entrances and exits were provided for clients. Employees who are part of any group at risk or who have to look after children were allowed to stay at home on full pay. In addition, all Qualipet staff received double their bonus in March as a thank you for their commitment and motivation, regardless of whether the store had hit its sales target or not.
The sales situation at Qualipet varied considerably between stores in the spring. Stores in large shopping centres in which nearly all businesses had closed had a particularly tough time. In stores close to the border, however, where the Swiss could only shop in their own country on account of the border being closed, sales were extremely good, according to Rolf Boffa. Considering the numerous restrictions in place, the Qualipet boss was very satisfied with sales on the whole and pleased not to have to close any stores yet on account of the pandemic. One branch in Oftringen has been closed in recent months, but only because it has merged with another in the area that has a much bigger retail area. A new store has now also opened in Collombey, while the branch in Köniz is being relocated to premises in a shopping mall. The Qualipet outlets in Chur and Yverdon are being completely refurbished.
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