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The Ruisinger family put their heart and mind into running the company.
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Germany - JR Farm

Partnering with nature

Innovation and the quality of its products are considered the key to success at JR Farm in Bavaria. The natural products enjoy a high level of popularity.
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"Recognising trends in pet food and developing new products based on these trends is a characteristic that sets JR Farm apart," says proprietor Herta Ruisinger, who runs the family firm.
JR Farm was quick to pick up on the growing health awareness among pet owners. Back in 2009 it developed its Grainless line, an entire range of complete foods and treats containing no grain at all. Instead of grain, the line comprises species-appropriate, natural mixtures of various grass varieties, aromatic herbs and vegetables rich in vitamins. A positive response from customers has resulted in the Grainless assortment being steadily expanded, most recently with the addition of new Grainless Health products.
Stefan Ruisinger belongs to the second generation to lead the company: "The key to success for the family business has always been its great innovativeness with regard to new product ideas and offering high-quality goods at a fair price."

Sustainable expansion

The largely natural products enjoy great popularity, according to the company. They include fennel sticks, parsley roots or the harvest of whole caraway plants, for example. Many of these raw ingredients are cultivated in the family's own agricultural business and then gently dried.
By cultivating these itself on small areas along with special cultures such as catmint and evening primrose, JR Farm promotes species diversity in the region and helps to stop the spread of monocultures. A host of insects such as bees, bumblebees and butterflies are provided with a year-round food supply by the cultivation of different blossoms and herbs. "Our own cultivation, the natural products deriving from this without any additives or colourings and the fact that JR Farm continues to operate as a family business are just a few of the reasons why customers trust and value us," Herta Ruisinger underlines.
Although the company was established in 1988, the farm at JR Farm has been cultivated by the Ruisinger family since the 18th century. Production now takes place on around 10 500 m² involving 250 staff and four field sales employees. The operation is certified according to ISO9001:2015 and has organic certification. Work is now being done to achieve the next milestone of IFS certification of JR Farm.
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