Petoutlet, Petolistic
The Lisbon store, covering a retail area of 92 m², opened in July 2019.
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In touch with nature

Petoutlet is the biggest pet store chain in Portugal. With his Petolistic retail format, company founder Adao Teixeira has developed a concept for selling sustainable products.
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"Feeding and caring for pets holistically," is the motto of Adao Teixeira's Petolistic stores in Portugal. An experienced veteran of the pet supplies sector, he already runs 39 branches of his Petoutlet chain across the country and has over 30 years' knowledge of the sector. Realising the Petolistic concept has been a mission close to his heart for a long time: to sell pet owners products that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy for pets.
A promising start has been made with two outlets. The first Petolistic store opened in the centre of Porto in April 2019 on a retail area of 105 m². Three months later, a second 92 m² store followed in Lisbon, also in a well-frequented location. "Petolistic is a store concept geared to a new generation of pet lovers," says Adao Teixeira, announcing his intention to open more Petolistic outlets in the near future.

Made-to-measure offering

Adao Teixeira has been guided by the trend in human nutrition. In Portugal, too, countless speciality chains are doing well in the sustainable nutrition market. "It became clear to me that this trend could also succeed in the pet sector if one were to provide the appropriate offering," comments Adao Teixeira. The fact that he has a large number of experienced and professional staff at his disposal helped in the development of the concept. "Co-existing healthily with the environment, and the well-being and health of our pets are increasingly a goal for all of us," he adds.
In selecting his suppliers, too, attention was paid strictly to those using healthy, sustainable, natural and organic raw materials in the manufacture of products. "So far products have been selected from the range of brands already on the market," says Adao Teixeira, emphasising that the range available to customers is constantly being expanded.

A growing segment

"Holistic means that an organism should be considered as a whole and not as the sum of its parts," muses Adao Teixeira. In other words, the product must take account of all the specific nutritional requirements of each species. This also includes how to supplement foods to offer pets more balanced nutrition adapted to their specific needs. Holistic products essentially contain only ingredients that directly benefit the pet and don't add any…
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