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A major strength of the new concept is the colour-coded guidance and information system extending throughout the sales floor.
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A fresh and modern approach

Casco pet has developed a completely new, modern store concept for the leading UK store chain Pets at Home. It offers customers a fascinating shopping experience.
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In the digital age it is more important than ever for bricks-and-mortar pet supplies retailers to inspire enthusiasm among their customers on the retail floor as well as providing stimulating insights into the world of pets and offering an all-round service package for all pet lovers. The internationally renowned pet retail expert Casco Pet has developed a concept of this kind for the leading UK chain Pets at Home. This has already been implemented in a number of stores.Probably no other company in the pet supplies sector has developed customised solutions and concepts for the sector like Casco pet. The company has its own teams in a number of European countries, in the USA and Australia and creates individual concepts and store designs in close collaboration with its clients. A close working relationship extending back several years links Pets at Home and Casco pet.

Visit to Hemel Hempstead

Together with Matthew Bubear, CEO of Casco pet, and Ian Blinco, the company's senior account manager, PET worldwide managing editor Ralf Majer-Abele took a look at the new concept in the Pets at Home store in Hemel Hempstead, north of London. This branch, located in a retail park with a high footfall and good transport links, was opened twelve years ago and has a retail area of around 750 m2. As well as a full range of pet products, it sells a wide selection of pets and features a veterinary practice and grooming salon with a self-service dog washing facility. After the flagship store in Stockport, the outlet in Hemel Hempstead was one of the first Pets at Home stores to implement the new concept.

Visual focus on pets

Close to the entrance area is the new aquarium installation for freshwater fish. It has been designed as a compact yet appealing unit with an automatic system for changing the water, which relieves the staff of a significant job. The unit is equipped with bright buttons displaying entertaining fun fish facts: informing customers that a goldfish can live to over 40 years, for example, or that the Neon Tetra is the most popular tropical aquarium fish.
Pleasing colours that are intended to appeal above all to young pet owners also adorn the large enclosure for small animals, which has been positioned in the centre of the sales floor instead of at the edge, as in many pet stores. The houses have been designed to provide small animals with plenty of space and adequate opportunities to hide away. Everything is transparent and laid out in a manner that is both pet…
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