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Winner Plus was established over 25 years ago from the passion and intuition of Toni Testa. The photo shows the headquarters of the company.
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A history of quality

Together with a new exclusive partner, Winner Plus has brought a new holistic pet food line onto the market that is expected to set standards in the pet supplies sector.
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Winner Plus was established over 25 years ago from the passion and intuition of Toni Testa who, with eyes already turned to the future, had realised that modern families would increasingly take care of their pets and that a turning point in the world of pet food was needed, with feed formulated to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats.
Over the years, the company has grown steadily, becoming synonymous with health, well-being and natural vitality for dogs and cats. Winner Plus has invested in innovation, research and quality, comparing itself with foreign markets and introducing a new concept of products. With a constantly expanding commercial network in more than 20 countries the company has established itself successfully among the leading companies of the European and worldwide pet food industry.
This continuous and constant growth brought Winner Plus in 2018 to commence an exceptional process of evolution. The company started a collaboration with a new exclusive production partner, who possesses extensive experience in the pet food sector and who is able to support the growing market demand. The recipes of the Winner Plus products have been improved with fine raw materials and even higher quality standards to ensure healthy and balanced meals every day and to satisfy both professional and domestic requirements. Changes have been made in relation to dry complete food, wet food and complementary food, dry and semi-wet treats.

The holistic revolution

Thanks to this new collaboration, the new Winner Plus holistic food line was created, now with the addition of fresh meat. A range of natural and balanced recipes, formulated to satisfy the needs of puppies, bitches (Puppy Junior holistic is made with fresh duck and salmon) and of adult dogs (Adult holistic made with fresh chicken). The company points out that it is also able to support the special needs of dogs with food allergies and intolerances with monoprotein and grain-free holistic recipes made only with fresh lamb, duck or salmon (Lamb & Potato Holistic, Duck & Potato Holistic and Salmon & Potato Holistic) and highly digestible potato. This special food line conforms to the Winner Plus holistic philosophy as well as supporting the correct balance of the vital functions, thanks to officinal herbs and red fruits (a source of precious natural antioxidants).
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