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Experienced retailer Adão Teixeira is the founder and operator of Petoutlet, one of Portugal's oldest pet supplies chains. In the next two years he intends to add another 12 outlets to the 39 existing stores and thereby consolidate his position in a turbulent market.
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No-one can criticise Adão Teixeira for a lack of variety in his stores. Since establishing the chain back in 1993 under the name Petlandia, he has paid particular attention to the special features of the individual stores. 23 of the 39 stores have a retail area covering 90 to 200 m². A further ten have premises ranging between 200 and 500 m² in area, while two more have a retail area of 600 m². The model store at the company's head office extends over 2 000 m², and only three outlets are less than 90 m² in size. Following the opening of six stores initially by 2010, the company began to open new stores under the more modern name of Petoutlet. The pet store chain now has a total retail area of 9 359 m². Six of the stores offer grooming services, while one has a veterinary surgery. Petoutlet employs around 170 people and its stores located in shopping centres are open seven days a week. 
The company's online shop only contributes around five per cent to its overall sales, with the main focus being on the bricks-and-mortar stores. Its online shop is used primarily as a platform for advertising and customer information. The best-selling products online are large bags of food, which consumers prefer not to have to carry home from the store.
By 2020/2021, Adão Teixeira aims to increase the number of stores to 50. He has seen that pet product stores are in short supply in the region south of Lisbon. Teixeira puts the retail chain's sales in 2017 at 8.2 mio euros, but expects these to increase considerably to roughly 10 mio euros in 2018. The average customer spend in store amounts to 25 euros. On Saturdays in particular, which is traditionally a busy shopping day in Portugal, the stores attract around 300 paying customers. 
Products for dogs and cats account for approximately 80 per cent of sales, with sales of canine products predominating. The sale of pets is not a major feature; only six stores sell aquarium fish, and Petoutlet has distanced itself definitively from the sale of puppies and kittens.

Strong brands

Over 55 brands comprising 15 000 different products in all are stocked in the Petoutlet stores. Approximately 60 per cent of the products are sourced directly from Portuguese importers, with the remaining 40 per cent coming from the company's own warehouse. In order not to jeopardise expansion, Adão Teixeira plans to open another warehouse. Many products are imported from other countries including Belgium, France, Italy, Brazil and the Far East. The…
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