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Cat food is an important matter. Treats for cats are making further inroads into the market, as are recipes with added medicinal benefits. Here we summarise various interesting new products.
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DowSpecially for kittens Gimborn has extended its "ShinyCat" range to include a variety especially for kittens: "ShinyCat Kitten". The company says that its composition has been adapted to the nutritional requirements of kittens, with lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals as well as a balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio. "ShinyCat Kitten" comes in two varieties, tuna or chicken, and contains finely chopped morsels. It contains no preservatives, colourings or flavour enhancers. Fish specialities Gimborn's "ShinyCat" range has been expanded to ten flavours in all with the varieties "Barracuda with chicken" and "Mackerel with chicken". The company emphasises the use of only fresh, balanced ingredients and the absence of additives, because vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids are already included in "ShinyCat's" natural ingredients. "ShinyCat" does not contain any preservatives, colourings or flavour enhancers.
Big in Sweden The Swedish company Best Friend offers "Bilanx", one of the biggest super-premium dry cat food brands in the Swedish grocery trade. The range consists of varieties for all life stages. The company launched "Bilanx" in the Swedish grocery market in 1997 as the first super-premium brand. The company reports that the brand is still no. 1 in this segment in the grocery business today, with a market share of approx. 50 per cent in value terms. "Bilanx" is available in 500 g, 2.5 kg and 10 kg bags. Focusing on age, health and wellness Feline nutrition has to respect each cat?s dietary needs, according to the Austrian company Perro. "Perro Cat" premium dry food products put the focus on the cat's age as well as on the health and wellness aspect. The resealable packaging keeps the product fresh at all times. "Perro Cat Premium Urinary" stands out in particular: developed for adult cats with sensitive urinary tracts, it reduces stress on the kidneys and abstergent organs, and is tasty and digestible.
Healthy concept Allco's "Christopherus" cat food is intended to offer an easily comprehensible, cleanly structured concept. According to the company, the products are optimally coordinated to the requirements of each phase in the life of a cat. They strengthen the immune system and reduce hairball formation. The food also cuts the risk of urinary calculus while promoting healthy bone development, a shiny coat and healthy skin. Allco stresses that "Christopherus" only contains…
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