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Variety in the bowl

The range of cat food on sale is steadily increasing in variety. Manufacturers in the international market are busy developing cat food to cater for even highly individual requirements. Here we present a selection of the most interesting products.
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Download: Variety in the bowl (PDF file)Organic and holistic qualityThe German company Schulze offers "Porta 21", a range of holistic and super-premium products to treat a variety of health conditions including wellness, skin and coat, arthritis and allergies. "Porta 21 Holistic" incorporates human food ingredients such as free-range chicken and duck meat, wild fish, herbs, vegetables, fruit and whole grains. It comes in attractive packaging. "Feline Finest" cat food offers healthy formulas for all life stages. No by-products or artificial colour or flavour enhancers are used in it. "Feline Porta 21" canned food in particular has become a best-seller in Europe. Containing only premium wild-caught human-grade seafood, the ten varieties contain no by-products, meat of unknown origin, colourings, flavourings or preservatives. www.portapet.deTuna diet for catsThe Spanish company Tunaliment offers a complete diet for cats in "Tunicat". All products are moist, sterilised, and canned in tinplate cans that are tinned and varnished both internally and externally. The range consists of "Tuna & Shrimps" with 50 per cent tuna and squid/shrimp, "Tuna" with 50 per cent tuna, "Tuna & Squid" with 50 per cent tuna and squid, perfectly identified due to the size of the chunks, "Tuna with Sardines" with 50 per cent tuna and sardines, and "Tuna with Rice" with 50 per cent tuna with rice.www.tunaliment.comTasty reward for dogs and catsThe Belgian company Flamingo has recently extended its range of "Chick'n Snack", the dog treat made of 100 per cent pure chicken breast fillets, to include three tasty combinations: "Chick'n Chips", small crispy chips of pure chicken meat, "Chicken+Lamb", enriched with lamb meat and "Chick'n Sushi" with pollock fish. And for spoilt cats there are now two entirely new "Chick'n Snacks": "Chick'n Soft Strip", dried chicken meat with extracts of seafood and "Chick'n Sandwich" with pollock. All "Chick'n Snack" treats are packed in resealable pouches, 85 grammes for cats and 85 to 170 grammes for dogs.www.flamingo.beTasty cat treats"Dreamies" from Mars Pet Care are available in four flavours, "Mit leckerem Rind" (scrumptious beef), "Mit schmackhaftem Lachs" (tasty salmon), "Mit leckerem Huhn" (scrumptious chicken) and "Mit köstlichem Käse" (delicious cheese). And it's not just the tasty-looking treat that's a winner - the "Dreamies" treat bags come in a 60 g high-gloss freshness pack with euro-slots for practical presentation on the shelves…
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