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The company Dr. Alder’s Tiernahrung aims to win over its international clientele in the speciality trade with a healthy product and a reliable service. Customers in over 30 countries count on the German firm.
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Dr. Alder’s corporate philosophy is based on three principles: high product quality, reliability in relation to its business partners and a good price-performance ratio. To support these claims, the company has now developed the product “Landfleisch mit Bio Gemüse” (“Farm-reared meat with organic vegetables”). Manufactured at the plant in Thüringen, it is natural, healthy pet food that is specially designed for dogs. The Thüringen factory was opened in 1991 and is situated close to a number of abattoirs and meat processors, which supply their meat products to the supermarket trade in western and eastern Europe and have received awards for the quality of their meat. This is something that Dr. Alder’s takes advantage of too: “Good quality is always based on the raw materials,” says Sascha Alder, managing director of the company. The new “Landfleisch mit Bio Gemüse” product took a year to develop before it was ready to be supplied to retailers. Only fresh meat from slaughtered animals suitable for human consumption is used in production. No reformed meat, colourings, preservatives or attractants are used, nor are meat and bone meal. As well as a high proportion of beef, poultry and lamb muscle tissue, the product contains organically cultivated peas and carrots. Rice and potatoes are also included in the recipe, along with vegetable oils containing important polyunsaturated fatty acids. “Sales to date show that retailers are very open-minded about these products,” continues Sascha Alder. Production quality is certified under ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP. “Production leaves nothing to chance, therefore, but meets the highest quality standards. The process includes seamless documentary proof of the origin of the raw materials,” says the entrepreneur. Expansion of exports Customers in over 30 countries rely on the German company. Its export quota is currently around 40 per cent and growing. The 30 destination countries include Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Israel, Italy, Russia, Serbia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. “Outside the Asian market, the market in eastern Europe is becoming increasingly strong,” reports Sascha Alder. “This is where the strongest growth rates will be recorded in the future.” The company works with exclusive importers in individual countries. “Landfleisch mit Biogemüse” is currently available in the varieties “Rinderherz + Reis” (Beef Heart + Rice), “Rinderherz + Nudeln” (Beef…
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