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"Demand is growing considerably throughout Europe"

The range of shampoos, eye drops, ear treatments and natural products for pest control is growing rapidly, and the demand for such products is increasing in Europe's speciality stores.
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Washing, brushing, clipping, coat, eye and ear care and natural pest control solutions, regardless of whether for dogs, cats or small mammals. Pet hygiene has never been as big as it is now. Whereas care products and remedies for aquarium fish have been a permanent fixture in pet shop ranges for years, grooming and care products for dogs, cats, birds, rodents and reptiles are still having to fight their way onto the shelves in many places. Consumers' acceptance of care products varies considerably from country to country. In many countries in south-eastern Europe, for example, people fail to see any need for washing dogs and cats using shampoo. It is only in the larger cities - which are traditionally in the vanguard of development in those countries - that this need is developing for dogs and cats, which live mostly in houses. In more rural areas these animals don't yet belong directly to the family household. Until quite recently it was virtually impossible in many regions of Turkey, in Romania or even in Bulgaria to obtain medical treatment for birds, small dogs and cats or reptiles. It is only in the last few years that the perception of pets as members of the family and the idea of treating them accordingly has grown. In this respect, too, development is more advanced in bigger cities than in rural areas. In parallel with these trends, the pet supplies trade is experiencing an increase in the supply of, and demand for, suitable products. Caring for pets has been firmly established as part of daily life in many countries in Europe for years - decades even. Switzerland, for example, was ahead of the field for a long time with its large number of grooming salons, while veterinary practices for small animals are a standard feature of pet stores in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Grooming also has a long tradition in northern Europe, in Great Britain, Ireland and many parts of Scandinavia. "Hygiene and care products that are produced using natural active ingredients and do not therefore have any adverse effect on the pet are now increasingly popular," it is reported by Gimborn. The German company recorded an increase in demand of 20 per cent in 2006 for neem ear care products, for example. At Trixie, too, the entire segment is expanding: "Care products play an increasingly important role for all our European trading partners," says export manager Boy Tadsen. He notes, however, that problems…
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