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30 years of Dutch food competence

As a manufacturer of dry food for dogs and cats, Fokker Diervoeders has made a name for itself in the international arena. Its principal export destinations are France, Germany and Belgium
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Fokker Diervoeders was established in 1977. It concentrated from the outset on the development and production of dry food products for dogs and cats: "Since the start of the company our mission has been to produce a very high and constant quality of dog food and cat food," general manager Wim Beelen states. "Due to international expansion, dogs and cats all over Europe can take advantage of our high quality products at reasonable prices with a very attractive and innovative package." The company's latest annual sales figures have been in the order of € 6-10 mio. Exports are destined chiefly for France, Germany and Belgium and account for approximately 30 per cent of overall sales.Under the "Fokker" brand name, the company, which is based in Nuenen near Eindhoven, manufactures 21 different products in 56 different pack sizes. The products are described as complete and balanced premium food, made from only the highest quality ingredients, with up to 92 per cent digestibility and no artificial additives or colourants. "Our products are the result of a long and thorough programme of research and development carried out by our own nutritional experts, vets and technicians, working in close co-operation with several leading universities," Wim Beelen continues. The use of strict criteria for the selection of ingredients lies at the heart of the company's philosophy: the food is 100 per cent natural, with no added colourants or flavourings. "Fokker" is a line of products of the very highest quality and bears comparison with any other top-of-the-range dog food.The complete nutrition programme was specially developed to meet the specific needs of the dog, with all due attention paid to breed and age. Wim Beelen enumerates the most important advantages: "Tasty and easily digestible, solid and almost odourless excrement, promotes a shiny coat and a healthy skin, provides the right amount of energy, offers natural protection against illness and disease, strong and clean teeth."Every "Fokker" product is enriched with fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) which ensure smooth working of the bowels. Fokker products also contain an ideal balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, to help promote a glossy coat and to strengthen resistance to illness.  
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