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Tens of thousands of people fleeing, many dead or missing, damage running into billions – torrential rains in August left large parts of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia suffering devastating floods. In just a few days this summer, the flood catastrophe has destroyed much that has been painstakingly created over the years in Dresden, Prague and many other towns and communities in the areas affected. Our sympathy goes out to the people who are currently experiencing difficult times and will continue to do so in the near future. We want to offer help too – in the first instance to the pet shop proprietors who most need it, because they have lost all their possessions virtually overnight. We have therefore launched a fundraising campaign: the PET flood relief fund. Many companies at home and abroad have already made a donation, indicating that they are not indifferent to the hardship experienced by those affected.
We are extremely grateful to you for your support and for the trust you have placed in us. So that you can see how your donation has been utilised, we will provide you with details of our various aid projects in forthcoming issues of PET in Europe.
Our aim is to provide the most direct aid possible, free of any bureaucratic obstructions. We intend to gear our efforts to the needs of the pet shop proprietors affected and call once again on all industrial companies, wholesalers and retail groups to help us help others with your donation. This summer it was the people living by the Elbe, the Vltava and the Mulde who fell prey to the floods; next time it could be the Rhone, the Thames or the Volga that bursts its banks and you could be the victim. The account for donations to our fund is: Deutsche Bank Karlsruhe, Account No. 714 600 02, sort code 660 700 04. Please make cheques payable to: “PET-Hochwasserhilfe” (“PET Flood Relief Fund”)
Ralf Majer-Abele
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