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Bewital - "Best international starting conditions"

The German animal food manufacturer Bewital wants to strengthen its middle price segment. The company is now offering the speciality trade a good opportunity for differentiation with the relaunch of its "Bewi Dog" classic

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The company considers itself to be in pole position for further expanding its export business. "At present we are exporting to around 40 countries all over the world. Our multilingual product labelling means we have the best starting conditions on an international basis", explains export director Michael Hoves. Bewital has been producing animal feed in Germany since 1963. The company specialises in the production of feedstuffs for livestock and pets. The manufacturer carries out production using the very latest technology on a site of approx. 80 000 m². Total quality control of all products is guaranteed as a result of the company's years of experience and sophisticated level of development; contributions to quality control also come from an in-house laboratory and certain independent institutions as well. The company has DIN 9001 certification into the bargain.
At the 80 000 m² site in Südlohn Bewital produces all grades of quality pet food.
The manufacturer lays particular emphasis on the fact that the products are made almost exclusively from locally sourced raw materials, stressing that fixed contracts with regional grain and meat suppliers ensure an even standard of quality and short delivery routes. Claiming to be the one and only manufacturer of pet food in Germany, Bewital has its own fat refining plant where highly nutritious poultry and vegetable fats are processed by a special method.
The company is particularly proud of a production process that it has developed itself for incorporating fat by means of a vacuum process. "The advantage is a much better distribution of fat in the croquettes. Traditional methods apply fat to the croquettes only externally and are consequently less efficient", in the words of production manager Dr. Christoph Deitert.
In the area of pet food the company concentrates on speciality dealers' products for dogs, cats and ferrets, ranging from standard food to premium nutrition. Avai-lable from the producer in the lower price segment is the "Greif" brand, a universal food in three varieties and at rock-bottom prices. Bewital's standard products include the "Bewi Dog" line of twelve different kinds for working and performance dogs, as well as "Bewi Cat" for all breeds of feline. The "Belcando" premium line is optimally attuned to the speciality trade and offers discriminating dog-owners a superlative selection with prices that are  according to Bewital  considerably lower than those of comparable suppliers.
The "Bewi Dog…
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