1% For Animals

Zolux commits to animal welfare and biodiversity


The Zolux Group of France has become involved with the 1% For Animals project of the YouCare Association. The goal of 1% For Animals is to save the lives of pets and protect biodiversity across the globe. To achieve this aim, the label intends to bring committed companies together to finance specific local action.
A company wishing to affiliate to the label contributes one per cent of its sales. Depending on the project, some companies support just one particular sphere or a certain service. The team at the YouCare Association examines whether the ethical principles and actions of the company harmonise with the label's campaign. A company manufacturing products or engaging in action contrary to the values of the label cannot be recognised.
The four main aims of 1% For Animals are set out on the label's home page at www.onepercentforanimals.org. 1% For Animals is an initiative of the YouCare Association and its two founders, Thomas Moreau and Charles Thiery.
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