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Collar creates profile of the typical dog owner

Collar has analysed customer data to create a profile of dog owners.
Collar has analysed customer data to create a profile of dog owners.

The team at Collar Company has been analysing customer data collected by the Youscan system over the course of a year. The company wanted to get to know the profiles of typical dog owners from the perspective of its in-house brands Waudog and Puller.
According to the data, women make up the largest share of customers (86 per cent Waudog; 80 per cent Puller). The ages of fans of the bright Waudog designs are spread pretty evenly across the groups up to 18 years of age (26 per cent), 18-24 years (26 per cent) and 25-34 years (24 per cent). "The older generation is less interested in stylish pet accessories," stated Collar after analysing the data.
Only Puller is equally fascinating for all age groups. According to the analysis, quality of service takes the top rating here (23.7 per cent), followed by user-friendliness and product quality (21.97 and 21.39 per cent).
For Waudog, design is the top feature (36.21 per cent), followed by quality and utility rating (28.5 and 21.65 per cent). "In both cases, the price is the least important of the top 5 product attributes," states Collar in summary.
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