Chinese pet supplies industry unites against the epidemic


The China Pet Industry Committee of the China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association,the China International Pet Show (CIPS) and the National Pet Industry Technology Innovation Alliance issued a joint call for an online conference for the whole industry. It was held on 24 February and gathered almost 500 representatives. Thirty-two speakers shared their opinions.
"Most manufacturing enterprises have resumed production, while most clinics and shops remain closed," the organiser states in a press release. According to Zhenbiao Chen, chairman of the Petty Group, its factories in China are operating at 90 per cent and 70 per cent capacity respectively. Zhongli Hao, chairman of Yantai China Pet Foods Co. Ltd. (Wanpy), said that its 14 factories around the world are not affected by the epidemic.
The conference heard from two distributors from Wuhan City. In Wuhan, the outbreak is a disaster for pets and their owners. Distributors are working with couriers to keep delivering basic supplies to customers, regardless of the cost. Some pet store owners have made arrangements to feed pets left behind by their owners who cannot return home.
Hans-Jochen Büngener, CEO of Pet Industry Consultants and chairman of Interzoo, has pointed out that products shipped from China are safe as the virus is spread mainly by airborne transmission. He approved the initiatives adopted by Chinese manufacturers to ensure safe production.
"Everyone in the industry is supporting each other and needs support from others. We believe the epidemic will pass, and the Chinese pet supplies industry will be stronger than ever," said the closing statement of the conference organisers.
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