Growth in the cat segment

The cat segment accounts for the largest proportion of overall sales in France. Photo: Pixabay/pitsch

A survey conducted by the French trade association Promojardin and its Prom'Animal section estimates that the French pet products market grew by 2 per cent in 2017.
The cat segment (43 per cent of overall sales) underpinned this trend with growth of 3 per cent. Apart from treats, sales of which were static, all cat products exhibited growth in 2017.
Dogs accounted for 37 per cent of all sales and the market for canine products remained steady compared with 2016; dog food sales remained at the same level, the non-food segment declined by 1 per cent and only treats continued to grow (+ 2 per cent).
Sales of aquatic products, accounting for 4 per cent of overall sales, declined by 4 per cent, while sales of products for small animals, which make up 5 per cent of overall sales, fell by 2 per cent.
The bird segment accounts for 3 per cent of total sales and a downturn of 2 per cent was recorded here.
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