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Dähne Verlag adds a new international service to the range of information it offers on the pet and garden sector

Dähne Verlag is broadening the information it provides for the pet and garden sector on the Internet to a considerable extent. It is launching a new Internet service known as PETglobal (address: that will report in English on developments in the international market and thus complement the reports appearing in the trade journal PET in Europe. For example, the new website features additional market data and makes the PET in Europe archive available online. The start page will focus on current news from the industry. Anyone wanting to receive the headlines by email on their PC can request the new newsletter, which succeeds the previous PET MailingService International.
At the same time as introducing this new service, Dähne Verlag has significantly expanded its German Internet service PETonline and given it a new concept and format.
Should you have any further questions about the new PETglobal, have a look at the “Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs” (in the top navigation bar) or contact the editorial team.
Any comments or ideas for the new PETglobal? Discuss them with readers of the new website, or write your own comment (see “My comments” below).
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