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Shorter routes and CO2 saving

Pro Pet Koller GmbH & Co. KG,

The MAC's brand attaches great importance to the quality and origin of its products in the manufacture of all moist and dry food varieties. Acting in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner doesn't start with the production process, but back at the livestock breeding and rearing stage.

Most raw ingredients are sourced in Germany, with the exception of salmon and reindeer, for example. MAC's believes in establishing long-term partnerships with suppliers. Its chickens are derived in part from outdoor and organic rearing, from both large- and small-scale German farmers.

Products and raw ingredients sourced within the country mean shorter transport routes, something that is becoming increasingly important as the significance of sustainability grows. New, modern facilities ensure the familiar high quality of MAC's, as short cooking processes in small batches are able to guarantee gentle preparation of the contents.

To further support the ecological and sustainable aspects, a portion of the electricity required for production is generated in house by the company's own photovoltaic plant. Some of the manufacturing and logistical processes have also been optimised with the objective of saving 100 tonnes of CO2 by the year 2020.


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