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Ralf Majer-Abele

With 10.6 million inhabitants, the Czech Republic is quite a small country compared with its neighbours Poland and Germany. In the Plaček Group, however, it boasts a company that is one of the giants of the European pet supplies sector.

The pet retailer, which reaches its 30-year mile­stone next year, operates pet product stores in six countries. In 2020 in particular, as the coronavirus pandemic has raged and even sector top-dog Fressnapf has put the brakes on its expansion to some extent, the Plaček Group has celebrated the opening of its 250th store. While many companies in the pet sector were still numb with shock during spring's lockdown phase, Dušan Plaček, the founder, proprietor and CEO of the retail group, acted swiftly, pressing on boldly and single-mindedly with the expansion of his group in its main markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

All the signs point towards the success story of the Plaček Group continuing in the coming years. The pet retailer is extremely well organised and has an experienced team. The company has developed a sophisticated concept that now serves as the basis for the next growth phase. It is suitable for both large and small retail formats, but can sensibly be adapted for other countries, too.


The modus operandi of the Plaček Group is reminiscent to some degree of the evolution of Europe's lead­ing pet store chain Fressnapf, which likewise produced a blueprint for its successful international expansion by creating a so-called "future store". No wonder, then, that Dušan Plaček is often called the "Torsten Toeller of the East". Both these entrepreneurial personalities believe passionately in their business model. They are ambitious, get on well with other people and have a motivating impact on those around them. Both set clear goals for their companies and are disciplined in their pursuit of these. If the situation demands it, however, they are prepared to chart a different course if it promises greater success, sooner. One aspect is common to both company founders: over the course of time, both Torsten Toeller and Dušan Plaček have established a team of experienced sector experts on whom they can rely and who have amassed a wealth of practical knowledge between them.

Of course, no one knows how the pet sector will develop in the future. At the moment, however, it can be assumed that the pet sector will still be hearing a lot about the Plaček Group in the next few years.

Ralf Majer-Abele

|28.10.2020 | 12:38


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