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Plaček Group

In spring 2018, the Plaček Group opened one of the largest pet stores in Russia in a prominent shopping centre in Moscow.

Plaček Group

Nearly one year after the opening of the first store, the Plaček Group opened its second store under the Dino Zoo logo in Moscow.

In spring 2018, the Plaček Group opened one of the largest pet stores in Russia, boasting a retail area of 1 500 m2, in a prominent shopping centre in Moscow.


A year later, the retailer opened a second store of the same size.
Dušan Plaček, owner and CEO of the Plaček Group, realised a long-held ambition when the first Russian store opened. Russia is the market with the most pets in Europe; at the same time, the eastern European country, spanning the largest area on earth, is one of the world's fastest-growing pet supplies markets.

The decision by Dušan Plaček to establish this store was a bold one. None of the countless Russian pet store chains have dared to open such a huge store in the Russian capital up to now. On a retail area of 1 500 m2, the Plaček Group's new Dino Zoo outlet offers a range of 15 000 products covering all pet categories and setting new standards for the Russian pet supplies market in terms of variety and depth of range.

High priority given to accessories

As well as familiar branded products, primarily by Trixie, Beaphar, Tetra, Vafo Praha, Hagen and Interquell, and a high number of exclusive private labels, the shelves also feature some key regional brands of domestic manufacturers. Although Dino Zoo presents an unusually wide range of pet food products extending from budget to super-premium along with natural pet food products, in contrast to its competitors it also accords a high priority to accessory and care products in the new store. Placˇek aims to be a pioneer, opening up new spheres in the Russian pet supplies market that have not hitherto been developed to such a great degree.

The generously proportioned pet display facilities housing a large selection of ornamental fish, reptiles, small animals and cage birds are likely to prove a magnet for customers. Another special feature is a pet pharmacy selling veterinary products for dogs and cats. A grooming salon has also been incorporated into the retail area.  

Second store

Nearly one year after the opening of the first store, the Plaček Group opened its second store under the Dino Zoo logo in Moscow. Like the first, it covers a retail area of 1 500 m² and comprises a similar huge assortment. The new store is in the south of Moscow in the Salaris shopping centre, which also features a 26 000 m² Globus store.

Up to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Dušan Plaček was extremely satisfied with the development of the two stores. Along with the entire Russian pet supplies sector, he was dealt a severe blow at the start of April by the introduction of strict quarantine regulations by the Moscow city government, however. President Putin also introduced non-working weeks for a long period, although as of mid-April pet stores were still open in Moscow. As in many other countries, these were deemed an essential service in Russia, or at least in some of the regions. The problem was that many of the pet stores in Moscow, including the two Dino Zoos, are in shopping centres, which have been experiencing very little footfall since the introduction of the strict quarantine regulations.

"Unfortunately the coronavirus has slowed us down," admits Dušan Plaček. He points out, how­ever, that since entering the market in 2018, his company has gained important knowledge about the Russian pet product market and the purchas­ing behaviour of Russian pet owners. Despite the continuing coronavirus crisis, he intends to continue expanding in Russia in the medium to long term: "Russia is most challenging for us. We still want to carry on there."



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