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Petco and Petsmart sales to reach 9.7 bn dollars

In 2018, approximately 17.6 mio dog- or cat-owning households shopped at Petco.

In 2019, Packaged Facts analysts estimate that PetSmart and Petco in-store product sales will reach 9.7 bn dollars, with 5.9 bn dollars for PetSmart and 3.8 bn dollars in sales for Petco.

Packaged Facts' pet food industry analysts used survey data to calculate that the two pet speciality superstores attract 48 per cent of dog-owning households. 44 per cent of cat owners shop at Petco or PetSmart, partly because of supermarket's strength in cat food and litter.

PetSmart and Petco together sold products to 47 per cent of dog- or cat-owning households in 2018, which equalled approximately 29.9 mio households.

In 2018, approximately 23.4 mio dog- or cat-owning households shopped at PetSmart, while 17.6 mio chose Petco. The rest of the pet speciality retail channel drew 9.2 mio dog- or cat-owning households, including traditional independent pet stores as well as pet chains other than the big two.

|23 July 2019


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