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FEDIAF publishes new figures

Pet owning in Europe remains at a high level. Photo: Pixabay, Seaq68

At its annual general meeting in Prague, FEDIAF released its yearly data on the European pet market. The 2018 FEDIAF Facts & Figures confirm that pets continue to play an important role in society.

Compared with 2017 statistics, EU cat and dog ownership combined remains at around 141 mio animals, but cats (75.3 mio) have slightly gained in numbers vis-à-vis dogs (65.5 mio). The popularity of birds, small mammals and reptiles was confirmed as figures continued at a consistent level. Aquariums (indoor tanks and ponds), however, saw a boost from 9.3 mio in 2017 to 10.4 mio now in the EU. This trend is also confirmed in other countries included in the FEDIAF statistics (EFTA countries, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey). The contribution of pet ownership to the overall economy remains significant: the combined annual value of the "pet economy" has increased from 36.5 bn euros in 2017 to 39.5 bn euros, with pet food alone accounting for 21 bn euros.

The pet food sector is responsible for providing approx. 100 000 jobs in the industry. Fediaf estimates a further 900 000 jobs in related pet care sectors. Included in this are the suppliers to the pet food industry, approximately 200 000 veterinarians in Europe, 60 000 specialist pet stores, the pet accessories industry, trade shows, pet press, breeders, animal welfare organisations and transport.

FEDIAF Facts and Figures 2018 are available online.

|18 June 2019


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