World's first - the curli clasp harness

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The next-generation curli vest harness for small to medium-sized dogs is the company's most advanced harness ever, featuring the patented, new curli clasp, the quickest and easiest way to attach the leash to the harness.
The most important feature that immediately catches the eye is the new buckle. The patented curli clasp sits at the top of the harness and is hands-down a game-changer, as just one hand is needed to attach the leash. With one click, the harness is secured and can then be attached. It is no longer necessary to hold two D-rings together while keeping the dog in place and the leash somewhere near as well.
The clasp itself is made from high-strength POM material, which has multiple advantages. It can handle over 100 kg/220 lbs with ease. It is extremely durable and eliminates the metal clinking noise during walks. Along the way the company has managed to reduce the overall weight of the already very light harness by another 20 per cent.
The curli clasp harness is the lightest, most robust, most comfortable and best new product for the overall health and well-being of a beloved pet. With the curli clasp harness, the company now presents an all-round improved harness that once again raises the industry benchmark to a new level.
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