MAC’s climate-friendly Mono Insect line

MAC's, Black soldier fly larvae, Insect line(Source: MAC’s)

The Insekt mono variety from MAC’s is not only a champion of sustainability, but also the superfood of the future. Black soldier fly larvae are rich in minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium, thereby promoting canine metabolism. They are also easily digestible and especially suitable for dogs with food intolerances. Important fatty acids ensure healthy skin and a gleaming coat. Environmentally friendly breeding also equates to a minimal ecological footprint. The larvae provide a 100 per cent natural source of protein that has not been changed by the use of antibiotics or by genetic modification. This commitment to environmental protection has recently been recognised by IHK Aachen with its sustainability award.

Combined with carrots, squash and sweet potato, MAC’s Mono Insekt is a sustainable alternative that provides dogs with vitamins while being gentle on the stomach.

MAC’s, Black soldier fly larvae
(Source: MAC’s)
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