Baseline: megatrend winner

Bewital, Belanco Baseline(Source: Bewital)

At a time when high inflation is impacting consumption, many customers are reordering their priorities. Working with its retail partners, BEWITAL petfood has developed the product line BELCANDO Baseline to provide the ideal solution for this growing cohort of price-conscious dog owners. This line complements the popular super-premium assortment of dry and moist food in the medium-price segment while retaining the familiar high standards and benefits of BELCANDO: the optimum animal and vegetable content along with special ingredients giving genuine added value.

“We firmly believe that BELCANDO Baseline offers exactly what customers who desire top-quality products at reasonable prices are looking for,” says managing director Dr Jürgen Wigger. This conviction was also corroborated by an international expert jury at the 2023 Zoomark, where the product line received the Pets Vision Award for the “Value for Money” megatrend.  

The Baseline range comprises seven different varieties of dry food, which are tailored to different life phases and dog sizes, plus six moist food varieties in cans that are suitable for all dog breeds.

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