All gone in one lick!

Stroetmann, Primox, Fleischmecker(Source: Stroetmann)

Every dog owner wants the best for their faithful com­panion, and Primox Fleisch­mecker moist food delivers precisely that. It is a tasty, balanced main food developed to provide the optimum nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Primox Fleischmecker is a real feast for the canine senses, not only keeping tummies satisfied but also offering the ideal nutrient composition of protein, fat and dietary fibre. Developed in partnership with nutritional experts, it consists of wholly natural ingredients.

What makes Primox Fleisch­mecker so special?

Top quality: every can is full of high-quality meat and offal, gently processed, with no ­cereal, no sugar and no compromises.

No added cereal for a low-allergen food and optimal tolerability – because we know that many dogs have an intolerance for grain.

70 per cent meat and offal: a balanced blend of muscle meat and animal by-products such as lung, liver, kidney, udder and stomach delivering essential nutrients.

Stroetmann, Primox, Fleischmecker
(Source: Stroetmann)

100 per cent natural ingredients: with no artificial additives such as sugar, colourings, flavourings or preservatives, gluten or lactose, soya, meat or bone meal, flavour enhancers or gene technology. Contains omega-3 fatty acids for a glossy coat and a strong immune system.

Delicious variety: seven yummy varieties – beef, chicken, horse, duck, game, poultry heart and lamb – to excite even discerning canines.

Made in Germany: made in Germany according to stringent quality standards and guaranteed free from animal testing. Sustainably packaged in recyclable cans with a ring-pull closure.

Primox Fleischmecker – all gone in one lick!

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