Sustainable: High-performance vest harness made from apple leather

Curli, vest harness

Curli, the Swiss harness specialist, is once again setting new standards in the harness business with an exciting innovation, a vest harness made from hybrid vegan apple leather.  

With the new Apple Leather curli Clasp Vest Harness, curli introduces a premium line of curli Clasp harnesses. The harness combines functionality and performance with a special, high-class design and material.

Instead of manufacturing the new curli Premium Collection from conventional animal leather, however, curli is pursuing a new, innovative and pioneering approach. The new Apple Leather harness is made from by-products of the apple juice industry in a second-level upcycling process and is vegan and sustainable. CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 62% and non-renewable raw materials can be largely eliminated.

Curli, vest harness

“A key aspect, a significant advance in sustainability in the harness segment and an idea that has fascinated us with its innovative connotations,” explains Roland Primus, curli CEO. “This innovation was only possible by adapting our production processes and manufacturing paths in such a way that a vegan, fibre-based material of the same high quality could be manufactured and worked like conventional, industrially produced textiles. We have happily invested in this challenge with complete conviction. Sustainability considerations aside, apple leather offers a number of advantages compar­ed with animal leather. It is a high-quality, high-tech leather that surpasses animal leather in terms of durability and wearer comfort as well as being considerably lighter and softer, easier to care for and not least animal-friendly.”  

The result is a premium product that stands out with its sophisticated design, discerning workmanship and refined details such as the curli Clasp fastener, which is manufactured from high-grade aluminium rather than aluminium alloys.

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