Dr.Clauder's Future Store

Dr.Clauder's, moist cat food, dry food Wildlife, training treats

"See Dr. Clauder's new products for yourself at the digital Interzoo," reads the company's invitation. Dr. Clauder's brought over 100 new products onto the market in 2020, focusing particularly on expansion of its moist cat food lines. Kittens and sterilised cats will now also find menus to delight them here, along with new complete raw food diets or light snacks such as Best Filet. Dr. Clauder's also spoils dogs with an expanded raw food offering, the new, high-quality dry food Wildlife, sausages and new types of training treats.
The "Deutschlands Beste" and "Das Beste für Tiere" awards given thanks to positive consumer feedback speak for themselves. As Dr. Clauder's sets particular store by customer satisfaction, it has created a unique training academy supplemented by sales training courses geared especially to pet supplies retailers. In PetCareOnly the company also offers an extensive private label service which, apart from production, comprises an extensive full-brand service package in the category of pet food for dogs and cats.
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